Our Hair Pill Formula vs Everybody Else’s

Our Hair Pill Formula vs Everybody Else’s



Is More really Better?     

Some hair supplements overload their formulas with cheap and excessive ingredients. At UDEA we take a different approach.  Let’s explore why more is not better.  

Biotin: Biotin is a protein building block essential for hair health and strength — but sky high doses like the 5000-10,000mcg found in many hair vitamins can lead to false medical test results.  Biotin is a cheap ingredient, so many formulas use a lot of it to make their formulas look more potent. But there’s really no benefit to excess biotin — the body excretes any surplus amount of this water-soluble vitamin through urine once its minimal requirements are met.

Zinc and Iron: Deficiencies in zinc and iron can contribute to hair loss and hinder growth. However, consuming excessive zinc can lead to immune deficiency and iron deficiency, while consuming excessive iron can cause zinc deficiency. Consuming too much of either can (and does) lead to stomach upset and nausea. No thank you! 

Iodine: Iodine plays a crucial role in nourishing hair follicles and promoting healthy growth, thanks to its impact on thyroid function. However, excessive iodine intake can actually disrupt the healthy functioning of the thyroid gland.

The Formula for Healthy Hair Growth: 

Our adaptogenic Hair Pill formula targets the root causes of thinning and shedding, nourishing and strengthening hair without overwhelming your body. Our ingredients are vegan, non-GMO and organic whenever possible — thoughtfully sourced for the highest quality and potency. 

To enhance the efficacy of our formula, we've included Bioperine, a black pepper extract known for its ability to improve nutrient absorption. This means you get the most out of the ingredients that make our formula — and your hair — shine.

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