Getting to Know: Janie Wood, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Getting to Know: Janie Wood, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Janie is a force of nature when it comes to health and wellness, and her advice was fundamental to the foundation of UDEA. Based between Venice Beach and the UK, Janie works as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, helping clients achieve their health goals through a holistic approach. But her expertise extends far beyond food. Janie also advises health and wellness brands on growth strategies, and is a passionate advocate for clean supplements. 

If you’d like to learn more about working with Janie, head over to her website and schedule a free consultation. 

So Janie, what does an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach do? 

To put it simply, I work with clients who are looking to reset or transform their health.  Whilst food is a large piece of the work we do together, we also look at the other areas of life that could be impacting how we feel – if you can't sleep…why for example. 

Additionally, I advise health, wellness and beauty brands on their brand & growth strategy and execution of those strategies. 

What’s your favorite part of the work that you do? 

I love showing people how good they can feel, and giving them the tools to get there.  

What does your typical morning routine look like? 

Wake up at 6am – do a few breathing exercises or meditate (even if it's just for a few minutes), drink several glasses of water and take a dehydrated greens powder. Both are great ways to kick start your digestion! 

Then, I walk my pup around the hood, where I pick up a coffee for myself and she gets a treat!  I subscribe to the benefits of getting light in your eyes first thing in the morning. It helps set your circadian rhythm, which helps you feel alert during the day, sleep better at night, and improves overall mood.

Next, a workout. I prefer the mornings, but if it needs to happen at another time that’s when it happens. I alternate between heavy weights / strength training and Pilates, yoga and surfing.  

What are some of your go-to workouts? 

  1. Strength training with heavy weights with Susie is a must – shes an amazing trainer and considers your mind and spirit as well as kicking your ass.
  2. Classical pilates at Shepherd Method Pilates. It's helping with an injury I have, as well as agility.  
  3. Yoga at Shefayoga in Venice gives me peace of mind and helps my pop-ups while surfing.
  4. Swimming: Nothing has toned and invigorated my body like swimming has. If you want to train like an Olympian as well as have amazing abs Tower 26 is the best swim training coaching.
  5. Surfing:  Anywhere where the water is clean, ideally warm and a good consistent wave. 

What's your favorite wellness hack or service?

There are many – but here are some of the big ones. 

Acupuncture:  I go to my acupuncturist Angela for almost everything — a cold, muscle tightness, emotions, hormonal stuff.  She also gives me the best healing recipes. For example, when I had the flu her Pear soup with raw honey broke the fever, strengthened my lungs and helped speed up my recovery.

Cleansing: Cleanses can be very helpful to reset or support a health issue.  The weirdest but with the most profound results was a 12 day bentonite clay cleanse with daily colonics in a jungle in Thailand.  I'd been working with some crazy founders with a punishing schedule.  Since Bentonite Clay is known for detoxifying the liver, colon and skin it really tackled the whole body, mindset, emotions and I removed the energy of the crazy bosses.

I recommend deep cellular cleanses when you are changing any part of your life.   

Ozone Therapy (IV): I went in with Covid and a huge black and blue bruise on my leg from surfing.  During the treatment a cat sat on me the whole time, and the next day Covid and the bruise were gone.  

Breathwork journeys: NEXT level. Breathwork is an active form of consciously working your breath to bypass the mind and enter a different state of awareness.  

Astrology: When you know your birth chart it can help understand patterns, personality, areas to be aware of and opportunities of growth. I have found it very clarifying, and some of the pivots I have made recently have been from this.  

What supplements do you take?  

I have recently refined my supplement game. All are recommended by some of my favorite practitioners. 

To start with I take the vitamins that Dr Sabena Toor at Cedars endorsed following my blood panel results:  Vitamin D, Probiotic, B Complex , Magnesium & Cortisol Manager which has high amounts of Ashwagandha and L’Theanine before bed. I get all of these supplements from Integrative Therapeutics.

My Functional Orthopedic Doctor Dr. Shounuck Patel is double board-certified in sports medicine and physical medicine and rehabilitation.  We are working together on an injury, I love working with him as we look at nutrition and natural therapies and his goal is to prevent surgery.  CytoQuel is his recommendation and is helping with my achilles inflammation.

Angela, my acupuncturist at Tao of Wellness recommends Chinese herbal powder which I drink instead of tea during the day  to support my hormones.

I also take UDEA’s Hair Pill! My hair is fine and breaks easily — since taking it my hair has become thicker and stronger. 

Finally, I take a dehydrated greens powder by SWW first thing before caffeine to help with digestion as well as inflammation.

Your skin is amazing. Where do you like to get facials? 

In LA I like Dr. Honrado and Spa Sophia for HydraFacials, dermaplaning. I love Kristine Aminian for her toning and deep cleansing facial — she comes to your house and her products are incredible. Ellie and Sass in Venice do incredible collagen hydrating facials and if you are interested, all of these experts will share a lot of knowledge, which I love. In England, I go to my friend Jo Akinloye for the Golden Glow facial and Sarah Chapman — both are amazing post-flight treatments. 

What’s the last book you read? 

Books: I’m making my way through Outlive by Peter Attia and was just gifted Seven Thousand Ways to Listen by Mark Nepo. 

Greatest piece of advice someone has given you? 

“Be easy on yourself, because you are doing better than you think” @coachkeren

Who has helped you believe in yourself? 

My amazing friends and @coachkeren — but this is a constant work in progress too.

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