March Obsessions

March Obsessions

Happy almost (almost) Spring! We’re celebrating March by sharing some of our favorite allergy season standbys, LA restaurant intel from our UDEA team dinner and a Q&A with our fearless founders!

A. Hunting Season Suede Clutch

This supple suede wear-with-anything handbag is handcrafted by Spanish artisans using centuries-old techniques passed down through generations. 

B. Altra Perfume

This UK-based 100% natural fragrance line has otherworldly offerings for scent minimalists and maximalists alike. The best part? All of their products are refillable.

C. Crown Ritual Shampoo and Conditioner

Complement your Hair Pill ritual with this simple. squeaky clean duo for all hair types that cleanses and revives your strands no matter how often you wash. 

D. Monastery Beauty Balm

A cult favorite ultra rich beauty balm made from nutrient-dense flowers that fortifies the skin, stimulates healing and softens fine lines. 

 EDr Schulzes Air Detox

Keep the spring sniffles at bay with this essential oil mist that kills airborne invaders on contact and leaves your space smelling like eucalyptus and citrus. 

F. DomDom Wet Brush

Our superstar stylist friend just came out with a fabulous collection of hair tools — we especially love this wet brush for detangling without breakage. 

G. Lifewave Stem Cell Patches

An incredible breakthrough in stem cell technology, the Lifewave patch has been clinically proven in studies to reduce inflammation, improve energy, boost organ function and more. 

H. Organic Victory Elixir

Allergy season — meet your match. This organic immune booster is great for kids and adults, with regenerative vitamins and adaptogens to keep your respiratory health in top shape. 

 I. Cardsy B

She’s your witchy bestie and our favorite intuitive tarot reader — book a 1:1 reading with her whenever you need a dose of clarity. 



ANAJAK THAI, Sherman Oaks, CA 

Anajak Thai is a 42-year old valley institution turned foodie hotspot captures the kind of magic cuisine culture clashes that can only happen in Los Angeles. In 2019, Chef Justin Pichetrungsi took the reins of his family's beloved restaurant, preserving classics from his father's Cantonese-influenced Thai menu while adding his own twists: a lively Thai Taco Tuesday and an exquisite Japanese-influenced omakase. The wine list is amazing, the 2000s hip-hop is loud,  and every dish is an electrifying blend of rich flavor and bright spice. Team UDEA recommends the black sea bream with nam jim, grilled cabbage with garlic chili crisp and — of course — the drunken noodles.

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