Getting to Know: JÉSABEL, Life Organization Guru

Getting to Know: JÉSABEL, Life Organization Guru

Get organization wisdom from the digital decluttering guru that transformed the UDEA calendar into a work of art! We chatted with Jésabel about the wellbeing benefits of a tidy inbox, digital detoxing and strategies to remove the chaos from your creative spaces.
Tell us about yourself, how do you work? What do you do?

I’m a digital organizer – that means I help my clients organize their chaotic digital spaces like their inboxes, calendars, files, tasks and even their workflows! 

I do this through 1:1 Zoom calls, where they share their screen with me and we dive into one area at a time, turning them into organized, visually pleasing spaces they’ll actually want to spend time in! 

At UDEA we understand the importance of self care and wellness, why is it so important to organize your digital life?

The same reason you’d spend money on art, beautiful curtains and soft bed sheets for your bedroom – because we owe it to ourselves to make our environment enjoyable.

Nowadays, we’re spending more time in our digital worlds than we do our real ones. This is why I focus on the visual aspects of my client’s digital spaces. I want them to feel a sense of peace through the organization, as well as a sense of self through the colors and visuals they choose for their calendars, inboxes and other spaces.

Give  us some basic tips on what anyone can do to make their digital life better.

Take the time to improve it. This could be as little as 1 hour per week. If you feel friction somewhere, or something’s not working, google the solution. If you’re wasting time looking for your logos or headshots, take the time to create an assets folder. We underestimate how much our digital life can improve just by tweaking it a little.

One app you can't live without.

My Google Calendar! It’s my life planner – my digital right hand. 

Besides my appointments, I have everything in here. From birthdays to recycling night, bill payments to my travel dates. I even track my cycle here so I know when’s the best moment to plan what! If it will affect my time in any way, it’s on here!

One piece of advice you'd give someone who was just starting to organize their life?

My advice is to start by organizing your time (aka, your calendar). If you take control of your time, it becomes easier to take control of every other aspect of your life.

And it’s not just your calendar, but your to-do list as well. This is what I call your time/task ecosystem

If the tasks in your to-do list aren’t reflecting anywhere in your calendar, it likely won’t get done in time, or at all. By unifying your tasks with your time, you’ll find yourself actually getting done what you want to get done.

We all spend way too much time on our devices, what tools do you use to shut off for the day?

I use sensory tools to shut off for the day. I put on my wind-down soundtrack, dim the lights, light a candle. Sensory changes are the best ways to communicate to your body that the digital day is done.

I love stacking habits together, so when I start my wind-down routine, I also take my mood pill to relieve the stress from my day and wake up with a good energy in the morning.

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