Getting to Know: Astrologer Maliea Croy

Getting to Know: Astrologer Maliea Croy

Your Jupiter in Gemini Horoscopes with Astrologer Maliea Croy

Maliea is a Los Angeles-based astrologer and psychotherapist (LCSW) with a unique gift for bringing the stars down to earth. Blending her astrological insights with a deep understanding of human psychology, Maliea offers transformative individual, relationship, and family readings that help illuminate patterns and reinvigorate purpose through the language of our charts. As a true Gemini multi-hyphenate, Maliea also has a weekly astrology podcast called Club Cosmos Radio and an educational hub for the astro-curious. With one of the most significant astrological events of the next year underway, we couldn't resist tapping into Maliea's unique perspective to see what the future holds.

The doors are officially open on one of the biggest transits of the year! As of May 25th, Jupiter moved into Gemini where he’ll remain until June 9th, 2025. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, offering an abundance of opportunities related to the sign and house it’s traveling through. Collectively, we could see a surge of developments in Gemini-related topics over the next year: communications, technology, transportation, and social connections. Personally, we can expect to meet more people, flirt, exchange ideas, and generally dive into the intricate inner workings of everyone and everything. 

Jupiter doesn’t necessarily have the easiest time in Gemini, though. He prefers to develop a solid opinion and worldview, but struggles to make sense of an endless amount of information. Beware of the overwhelm. Anxiety will arise if you strain to push things onto a singular path. The Gemini wisdom here is to surrender to the buzzing stream of chaos. Let your mind be beautiful. Find humility and agility in curiosity and multiplicity. Opening yourself up to a variety of perspectives could incite more awe than you’ve experienced in a long time. 

Here’s what this expansive transit will bring to your sign — I recommend reading for both your rising sign and your sun sign. It’s also useful to think back to what was happening in your life the last time Jupiter was in Gemini, from June 11th, 2012 to June 25th, 2013

Aries & Aries Rising

  • When Jupiter moves through a Gemini third house as it is for you this next year, expect to be very social and very busy. Both Gemini and the third house are the domain of all the interactions, communication, and details of everyday life. All the variety of perspectives and experiences we live amongst — including our siblings, cousins, and neighbors. At first glance, Jupiter could make all this chatter much louder (beware of gossip), but on a deeper level there are so many opportunities here. It just requires you to open your mind to the world around you. Meet new people, learn new skills, and definitely write – if only to journal! Your observation skills are sharp, processing capabilities are whirring, and you may be surprised how much inspiration lies in the variety of life.

Taurus & Taurus Rising 

  • Jupiter and Uranus both in Taurus over the past year may have put you through some radical identity shifts as of late. Some of the changes may have been surprisingly lovely and some more destabilizing, but with a liberating thruline. With Jupiter in Gemini you’re now feeling into your newfound self-worth. Values may have been re-prioritized and now are now having an affect on how you want to earn and spend your money. Maybe you are wanting to collaborate, have a more social angle to work, or go into business with someone else. Regardless, your finances seem to benefit. You’ll need to watch for overindulging in spending, but it could be great for making bigger purchases that are smart investments. More than anything, your overall life purpose benefits, too. You are showing up in the world in a very new way.  

Gemini & Gemini Rising 

  • This is a big moment for you! Jupiter moving through the first house is the start of a new cycle — a debut of sorts — of all that’s been growing over the past 12 years. The past year especially may have been a little more draining at times, but hopefully provided some form of transcendence and healing. Now, though, life could pick up the pace and a flurry of ideas and interactions could start flooding in. Make sure to give yourself breaks as it’s very possible to get ahead of yourself under this influence. But all in all, chances are that you’ll be feeling good. Just make sure to dot your i’s and cross your t’s as much as you can. That said, it’s a great time for launching any projects, a makeover, or generally feeling into your confidence. You could start to feel more comfortable presenting all the multitudes of yourself. Jupiter in the 1st house often brings significant partnerships into our lives, too. Whether romantic, collaborative, or platonic, this is  someone who is able to meet you with as much enthusiasm for endless exploration and feedback as you. For the next year, the attention is truly on you!

Cancer & Cancer Rising 

  • When Jupiter moves through the 12th house you are closing out a 12-year cycle of your personal growth with a year of reflection and healing. Things could slow down a bit, making for a quieter year in which you gain the most from periods of seclusion. Learning more about your health, wellbeing and spirituality could have a profound impact on how you feel and set a new pattern for the next 12 years. The 12th house is the domain of subconscious and surrender and with Jupiter in Gemini here it makes these things all the more important to process. Big revelations could emerge from journaling, therapy, spiritual teachers, even guardian angels of sorts. As a Cancer rising you’re likely most communicative when talking about these more abstract, sensitive topics anyway. There may be times when you seek escape from the overwhelm — which could be necessary — but watch out for undoing your stability. It will take a lot of sensitive nuance and intuition, but the more you can lean into healing, the more there is possibility for a growing swell of compassion for yourself and everyone else.

Leo & Leo Rising 

  • After some ups and downs in your career, as well as with parents and/or parenting, your future now starts to feel bright. A swirling variety of fantasies about what could be on the horizon may be a result of your involvement with friendships or community. Jupiter is moving through your 11th house which is a place Jupiter loves to be. There’s a lightness to this transit. Expect to socialize copiously, make more friends, and find a community of people who communicate well and whose ideas inspire you. You are likely to feel idealistic, even encouraged to address issues of social reform, and become the leader of your pack. If you regularly present yourself or your work to the world, your audience may become more positive and expansive. This past year Jupiter was transiting your 10th house of career, and I have to say this is one of the more overhyped transits. It can absolutely provide opportunities for growth, but it’s hard work. I believe the 11th house is where you’re really able to enjoy progress and success. The 11th shows us how plugged in we are to a network and how validated we are for authentically expressing ourselves. 

Virgo & Virgo Rising 

  • You are starting to build more confidence in your career this year with Jupiter in Gemini going through your 10th house. Get ready to be busy busy busy. Virgo risings can handle this, though, and dare I say they crave it to master it. You could get a promotion or generally decide to take the leap to make big changes in how you present yourself and your skills. Do it! I really do believe they’ll pay off, but keep in mind Jupiter in the 10th brings opportunity through increased responsibilities. Balance and sanity are still very much required! The partnerships in your life may need more outlined expectations so you can efficiently dole out your energy without getting drained. Well-structured collaborations could be beneficial though. So could a side hustle, or work that seems unrelated to what you already do. You’re an incredible communicator as a Virgo rising, and Jupiter in your Gemini 10th house will only highlight how agile and adaptable you really are. 

Libra & Libra Rising 

  • Jupiter in Gemini is comfortably rolling through your 9th house this year, which is the house Jupiter calls home. It’s where all the things he loves to do take place: reading, publishing, teaching, studying, preaching, traveling. I would say embrace any and all of these things this year if you can, but the primary goal is to expand your mind. Stretch your understanding to integrate the perspectives of lives lived very differently from your own. If you want to go back to school this is a lovely time to do so. If not school, then other pursuits like travel, foreigners, finding (or becoming) a mentor, or writing a book could spark your intellectual interests. In 2025 you will start to narrow your interests so you can better focus on developing the wisdom of one or two things you deeply care about. But for now you are instructed only to follow your mind’s hunger. Explore every avenue until you find the inspiration that fuels your dedication. 

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising 

  • Those of you with mysterious, seductive Scorpio risings have a funny arrangement with the talkative, light-hearted sign of Gemini in your 8th house of secrets and power. Once you find the people you trust, you not only let your guard down but get silly and say it all. With Jupiter here now, there seems to be a lot of safe opportunities to talk it out and go deep. You may feel more confident to process self-destructive patterns and trauma in therapy. You may be more open with those closest to you and feel the benefits of more intimacy – including sharing resources, moving in together, or better sex (if that applies). Creative and/or professional collaborations could generate a lot of shiny new ideas. Jupiter is energizing your research and evidence collection capacities. When you tackle 8th house topics like psychology, intimacy, sex, death and investments, you could learn a ton. It’s a lovely time to apply for loans, grants, and tackle your debts. Transits to the 8th house can stir up fear and shame at first, but just remember Jupiter’s buoyancy will show you the exaggerated power these things have in weighing you down. There’s potential for this next year to be a bit of a conversion experience — surrendering what controlled you before to reach a new sense of empowerment after. 

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising  

  • Your most fertile areas of growth over the next year have everything to do with relationships and what others reflect back to you. As a Sagittarius rising, your 7th house is ruled by Gemini which means you are tasked with understanding that the partnerships you develop in life strongly mirror aspects of yourself. Clear and constant one-on-one communication is crucial for you. Jupiter is bringing ample opportunity to meet people over the next year who could become significant players in your life (and because it’s Gemini there will likely be more than one) — whether in romance, close friendship, or in business. A growth spurt could develop out of existing relationships as well. For instance, your partner could be doing well and it positively affects you. Or If you do client work, one or more could talk you up and generate a boon to your business. Any legal matters or contractual agreements could have positive outcomes. The most important thing to remember though is that all your relationships deserve a lot of curiosity. Date your people again. You could find out things you never knew about people you’ve known the longest. 

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising 

  • All the energy of the Taurus transits over the past few years may have sparked a lot of changes in your creativity, in romance, and/or with children. Jupiter in Gemini moving into your 6th house puts you into a flow with your routine enough to implement these changes into real practice. You’re busy getting organized and Jupiter could help you feel less stressed in the process. He could also improve your job situation, your relationships with coworkers, and generally help you feel ready to take on more. The 6th house is deceptively mundane since it’s the nuts and bolts of life. But it is the engine that keeps everything flowing, and Juptier will give you the perspective to see what needs fixing. Any dedicated attention to your overall health and wellbeing could have bigger, more beneficial results at this time. On a deeper level, Jupiter transiting through this part of your chart is to help you check in with what your life philosophy really is. As a Capricorn rising, you have no problem committing yourself with determined discipline to something, but it’s time to evaluate what stress and sacrifices are really worth it. What is your spirituality? What is it you believe about the purpose of your earthly existence and do the details of your day-to-day work serve this? If these are aligned you’re bound to feel an ever present hum of daily satisfaction. And, really, what’s better than that? 

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising 

  • With Pluto newly in Aquarius you’re undergoing massive big-picture transformations to your sense of self. This is a 20-year, once-in-a-lifetime, long-haul change that you’re just getting the first taste of. It’s not quick and it’s not necessarily always easy, but Jupiter in Gemini going through your 5th house of physical pleasures, creativity, children, and self-expression over this next year enables a lighter touch. Aquarius rising can tend toward a much more logical and serious view of the world, but indulging in your more playful side over the next year could be therapeutic and boost your confidence. If you’re available, put yourself out there and date. Experience romance and effervescence in a variety of different ways and with different people. Even platonically, this transit is all about prioritizing passion and living life to its fullest. If you have children, your relationships with them, and pride in them, could blossom. Careful with gambling — financially, emotionally and with your time — as this transit can be quite indulgent. Regardless, I want you to direct your laser-focused intelligence toward having an unabashedly damn good time. 

Pisces & Pisces Rising 

  • As a Pisces rising, Gemini inhabits your 4th house of one’s literal and felt sense of home. There’s no doubt Jupiter moving through this part of your chart could set the domestic sphere of your life abuzz with activity over the next year. Maybe you’re moving to a new place with more space or a completely different vibe. If not moving, you could be renovating, organizing, decorating in ways that foster a sense of spaciousness. Maybe you’re hosting more visitors, more parties, or finding a great new roommate. Hopefully it’s all in service of feeling great about where you live. Yet at the heart of this Jupiter transit is the ability to change your perspective on how your family and childhood have shaped who you are. It brings a narrative shift that could free you from a prior understanding. You are a very sensitive and porous Pisces rising which makes it all the more important you remain grounded and keep some semblance of boundaries so as to not drain yourself — even if just by having a good time. But I believe that hosting Jupiter here will provide insight into how emotionally agile you really are. Expand your comfort zones. Feel the freedom of knowing you are your own best source of emotional security.
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