Feeling out of it?

Feeling out of it?

Between the bottomless eggnogs, mall chaos and travel stress, it’s hard to keep our heads on straight this time of year. Try these tips to fight brain fog… 

    1. Drink lots of water 

Cognitive function relies on hydration. Add a pinch of Celtic Sea salt to your H20 for a boost of electrolytes and essential minerals. 

  1. Feed your mind 

Nourish your brain with omega-3 and antioxidant-rich foods like fatty fish, nuts and leafy greens. Pro tip: don’t go to holiday parties starving! 

  1. Get 8 hours 

Make rest a priority! Lack of adequate sleep impairs concentration, problem-solving skills, memory and emotional regulation. 

  1. Take the Mood Pill 

Start your day with this cloud-clearing blend of adaptogens, herbs and antioxidants to support cognitive function, improved focus, and stress relief.

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